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Why our silicone rubber has a longer shelf-life and more stable quality?


I think you might meet your liquid silicone rubber sometimes become thick, sometimes curing too slow, the hardener sometimes become crystallization, all these complaints make you upset and impact your company’s reputation.

Today we fixed it! Let’s discuss how we fix them.
1, Why the viscosity of liquid silicone become thick?
Some suppliers often change their raw materials supplier, who quote cheap, they purchase from who. but the performance of the raw materials produced by different suppliers exist a little difference, this makes even produced with a same formula, but the quality still have some difference, the new raw materials didn’t verified by time, new raw materials brings new uncertain risk.

a) We purchase the raw materials from a same supplier always, and keep formula won’t change, our formula has been approved by reiterative testing for many years, strength & other properties, and stability verified by different customers.

b) We use vacuum bag to pack the liquid rubber, no moisture and air can impact the rubber, this can get a longer shelf life and more stable quality.

RTV 2 silicone rubber super silicon 498
Our vacuum bag packing
RTV 2 silicone rubber super silicon 269
Our vacuum bag packing

2, Why your hardener sometimes become crystallization?
The tin catalyst is a kind of highly volatile substance, the common plastic bottle unable to prevent the volatile, it become crystallization with the time goes by, and the crystallization hardener will 100% impact the quality of silicone.

Other suppliers all use a common plastic bottle to fill their hardener, only we use a anti-permeability, anti-volatile chemical special bottle, this kind bottle is 2 times cost than common plastic bottle.

1kg catalyst bottle others
Others plastic bottle
200g catalyst bottle
Others plastic bottle
catalyst bottle 1
Screenshot 9 1
our hardener bottle, seal with aluminium foil
our catalyst bottle
Our hardener bottle, anti-volatile

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