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How platinum cure silicone is made?

For many years, most of the silicone rubber manufacturers only focus on promoting their products, rather than explaining how silicone rubber is made and what are its components, but the general processes and raw materials of the silicone rubber should be known by clients. First, let’s start with Vinyl Silicone fluid. Vinyl Silicone Fluid is

What benefits can you get from us when starting the cooperation?

Our strength: Use global top brand raw materials, like Wacker, Dow-corning and Bluestar, etc.  ( A complete quality control process, the only supplier own gel timer. Upgrade vacuum bag package for both silicone and catalyst, never leak, a longer shelf-life 12+ months. (see attached) 6 months warranty, any quality issue could be free-exchange A detailed Instructions inside every barrel

How we ensure quality consistency in every shipment?

Everyone very cares about the quality consistency, today let’s talk about how we ensure quality consistency in every shipment? Why can we offer a 14 months quality guarantee? Our Quality Management Process – Material Vendor Assessed – Incoming Materials Inspected – In-process Product 100% Check – Random Check after Final Packaging 1, Use top brand

What’s the difference between Tin cure silicone and Platinum cure silicone?

Mold Making Materials COMPARISON Tin cure silicone VS. Platinum cure silicone Type Advantages Disadvantages Casting materials Tin-Cured Silicone High strength, Cost-effective Shrinks on cure (~0.3%), Cured rubber has limited storage life, Not food-grade Most materials, especially resins, foams, plaster, wax, concrete etc. Platinum-Cured Silicone No shrink on cure, Cured rubber has long storage life, Excellent

What’s the difference between T-Pro series VS. T-Flow series VS. others

What’s the difference between T-Pro series VS. T-Flow series VS. others Description T-Pro series T-Flow series Other suppliers (RTV-6) Raw materials use Global top brand supplier Blustar silicone fluid, quality more stable Global top brand supplier Blustar silicone fluid, quality more stable China general supplier Viscosity 30000-40000 cps fumed silica make the viscosity high 23000-25000

How RTV-2 silicone rubber is made? (tin cure silicone rubber)

Today, let’s discuss how tin cure silicone is made. As far as we know, there are some suppliers in the market which offer a very low price, let’s look at the chart and analyze what are the major contents of tin cure silicone. How tin cure silicone is made? There have so many options for raw materials to produce silicone, but different raw materials exist

Why silicone mold appears bleeding oil?

Nowadays, silicone rubber has been widely applied to a variety of fields for making silicone mold. But why silicone mold appears bleeding oil? This question is often asked when customers ask for help for technical guidance. There are no oils contained in the molding silicone rubber, so, the silicone mold will not bleed oil. Of

Why silicone mould easy to break?

Why is silicone mould easy to break?  Many customers pose questions like this. When asked about the time of breaking, some people say the silicone mould easy to break in demoulding time for some small parts, and most people reflect that the silicone mould has a short service life. All customers wish that silicone mould

How to make a mold with molding silicone rubber?

Before we begin to know how to make a mold, we must know some basic knowledge. molding silicone rubber is a wondrous material to make molds for many kinds of objects of small or big size, because it has many advantages of odorless, non-toxic, high resistance to tearing, resistance to extreme temperature, high simulation precision, clear texture

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