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What does the term “Shelf Life” of a material mean?


The shelf life of a material in its liquid state refers to how long it can sit on a shelf before it begins to lose its ability to function normally or sets up entirely in the container. You should know how long you can expect a material to last on the shelf to protect your material investment.

Relative humidity and temperature are variables that will affect the shelf life of Inno rubbers, plastics, foams, Matrix products, epoxies, etc.

What you can do to Shelf Life?
Make sure you securely seal the Part A container immediately after dispensing each time.

Your Best Bet – If using urethanes, use what remains as soon as possible once containers have been opened.

Extending The Shelf Life Of Unused Urethanes – After dispensing Part A into a measuring container, spray Dry Gas Blanket (available from Inno or your our distributor) into the container before securely resealing.

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