24 Colors Pearl Dye for Epoxy Resin

24 Colors Pearl Dye for Epoxy Resin

  • Higher-Concentrated
  • Each bottle contains about 10ml/0.35 oz.
  • 24 colors/set/box


24 Colors Pearl Dye for Epoxy Resin

PROFESSIONAL, BEAUTIFUL WAVES: Pearl dye is an opaque pigment specifically formulated to mix with resin. The weight of this pigment will help you create special effects such as cells in the white foam of a wave in resin ocean scenes.

A LITTLE GOES A LONG WAY: High concentration of epoxy resin color pigment, just a drop and you will be amazed by the strong effect. Make sure to add a little at a time to see what color you want to achieve.

EASY TO USE: No prep is required, ready to use. Easy to diffuse in your resin. The squeeze bottle makes it easy to control your drops so that you can get the perfect shade every time.

NOTE: Liquid resin dye will get the best color effect mixed with EPOXY RESIN. Just mix them well and wait for them cured, no catalyst is needed. If using UV resin or other materials which don’t belong to epoxy resin, the color effect won’t last long and fade finally.

24 Colors Pearl Dye for Epoxy Resin

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