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Crystal-clear Epoxy Resin & Hardener for Casting and Coating

Performance improved by 30%

Epoxy resin kit is a two-component system. Part A is resin and Part B is the hardener, suitable for a variety of industrial and art-related projects requiring a rigid, clear finished casting. It can be used on; river tables, live edge slabs, jewelry, crafts and art casting, tabletops, wood coatings, boat building, art, crafts, decoupage coatings, & marine applications.

Key Features

  • Ultra-clear.
  • Very low viscosity for easy mixing and minimal bubble entrapment.
  • Self Leveling, Superior Air Release, Easy To Use.
  • Super Gloss Durable Finish.
  • UV stable, formulated with the high UV inhibitors to resist yellowing.
  • Durable, rock-solid, Low Odor.

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It can be used on; river tables, live edge slabs, jewelry, Crafts and art casting, tabletops, wood coatings, boat building, decoupage coatings, & marine applications.


  • Easily mix a proper ratio of Base Resin A-Side with the B Side Curing Agent.
  • Pour Each side into a separate cup, then combine it in a third mixing container.
  • Mix the contents for a MINIMUM of 3 minutes, but 5 minutes is the recommended time to mix.
  • Working time is 1 hour at 77 degrees Fahrenheit, giving you plenty of time to perfectly mix your epoxy resin pigment powder to create a colored epoxy for wood.
  • Cure time is longer, which enables a thicker pour with a bubble-free tough, durable, wet gloss, beautifully crystal clear epoxy resin finish!
  • Total cure time: 36-48 hrs.
    To get rid of surface bubbles, use a heat source (heat gun, blow torch).
epoxy resin instructions (4)

Step 1: Measure Epoxy
epoxy is a two-part, Pour an equal amount of hardener and resin into a new container.

epoxy resin instructions (1)

Step 2: Mix Epoxy
Mix thoroughly to ensure that the batch is completely blended.

epoxy resin instructions (1)

Step 3: Pour Epoxy
Pour the epoxy onto the surface. The epoxy self-levels so there is no need to move it around with any tools.

epoxy resin for river table (17)

Finished Project
The epoxy is dry to the touch in 12 hours. Allow 72 hours before using the surface. That’s it!

Know Who We Are

Advanced Facilities

Over the years, we have continuously upgraded our methods and equipment. This includes regularly obtaining machinery with the latest technologies in kneading, high-speed dispersion, Grinding,  filter and more. 

Quality Raw Materials make Quality Product

Strictly Choose Raw Materials

In order to ensure that our silicone products remain at the top of the market, we start as the source.  That is why we have traversed the world in search of the most exceptional raw materials, and have decided upon suppliers like Dow Chemical, BASF Chemical, KUKDO Chemical, Nan Ya Plastic, and China Baling Chemical etc.

With such big names behind us, there’s no doubt that we can produce epoxy resin of exceptional quality and strength.

How We Ensure Quality Consistency

Excellence in Quality Control

  • Material Vendor Assessed
  • Choose top brand suppliers raw materials
  • Incoming Materials Inspection
  • Keep manufacuturing technique & formula won’t change
  • In-process Product 100% Check
  • Random Check after Final Packaging
  • Pack & Delivery
Super silicone quality control system3

Successful Cases

Customers PO, Bill of lading, and Shipping documents etc.

Frequently Asked Questions​

We are in Guangdong, China

Our MOQ is 1 pallet (500~600 kgs/pallet)

Yes, we ship internationally

10 months in unopened container when properly stored

Yes, we offer 10 months warranty, any quality issue will be free exchange

We support bank transfer, Western Union, Paypal, L/C, and Credit.

Benefits of Choosing Us

15+ Years Experience

15+ years manufacturing experience

Quality Promise

10+ months quality Guarantte, free exchange if any quality issues.

Quality Consistency

100% Quality Consistency in every shipment

Provide Customize Service

Provide the OEM service for foreign enterprises all the year round. Private Label, Package etc.

Support Open Credit

Support Bank Transfer, L/C, and Open Credit (O/A 60 days)

Free Sample

Free sample and Ship internationally

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  • The minimum order quantity is 500kgs.
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