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Featured Products

Tin silicone rubber, Platinum silicone, Epoxy resin & hardener and Polyurethane rubber etc. mold making & casting materials

Tin-cured (also known as condensation cure), room-temperature curing silicones are most commonly used to make flexible molds. Molds made from these rubbers exhibit high tear strength, good release properties, and resistance to high temperatures.
Compared to platinum-cured silicone rubbers, tin-cured silicones show less sensitivity to cure inhibition.

  1. Economical grade RTV-6 series
  2. High-strength grade T-Flow series
  3. Super strong strength grade T-Pro series

Platinum-cured (also known as addition-cure), room temperature-curing silicones that cure to flexible, high-strength rubbers. Platinum-cured silicone rubber is an excellent mold material, but select silicone products are also widely used as a casting medium in applications including medical modeling, special effects, and orthotics.
Compared to tin-cured silicone rubbers, platinum-cured silicones exhibit long library life and low shrinkage on cure.

  1. Platinum silicone for mold making
  2. Platinum silicone for skin safe sex toys
  3. Platinum silicone for vacuum bag

Epoxy resin kit is a two-component system. Part A is resin and Part B is the hardener, suitable for a variety of industrial and art-related projects requiring a rigid, clear finished casting. It can be used on; river tables, live edge slabs, jewelry, crafts and art casting, tabletops, wood coatings, boat building, art, crafts, decoupage coatings, & marine applications.

  1. 3:1 ratio epoxy resin
  2. 2:1 ratio deep pour epoxy resin
  3. 1:1 ratio epoxy resin

About SuperSil-Materials Company

SuperSil Materials Co. Ltd is a company dedicated to providing superior quality RTV 2 Silicone Rubber and Ultra-clear Epoxy Resin and Hardener products that meet international standards, with more than 15 years of experience in the silicone rubber industry.
At SuperSil Materials, we focus our production on several below main items:
Tin cured RTV silicone rubber
Platinum cured RTV silicone rubber
Ultra-clear Epoxy Resin and Hardener
Polyurethane rubber
Liquid Plastic resin

Quality Raw Materials make Quality Product

Strictly Choose Raw Materials

In order to ensure that our silicone products remain at the top of the market, we start as the source.  That is why we have traversed the world in search of the most exceptional raw materials, and have decided upon suppliers like Dow-Corning and Xiameter from America, as well as Blue Star from China and Wacker Chemie from Germany.

With such big names behind us, there’s no doubt that we can produce silicone of exceptional quality and strength.

We Ensure Quality Consistency

Excellence in Quality Control

  • Material Vendor Assessed
  • Choose top brand suppliers raw materials
  • Incoming Materials Inspection
  • Keep manufacuturing technique & formula won’t change
  • In-process Product 100% Check
  • Random Check after Final Packaging
  • Pack & Delivery

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Frequently Asked Questions

We are in Guangdong, China

Our MOQ is 1 pallet (500~600 kgs/pallet)

Yes, we ship internationally

12 months in unopened container when properly stored

Yes, we offer 12 months warranty, any quality issue will be free exchange

We support bank transfer, Western Union, Paypal, L/C, and Credit.

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