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platinum silicone

How long can a casting, mask, or sculpture made from silicone rubber last?

For the longest library life possible, platinum cure (addition cure) silicone is the best choice. Our HC-series, P-series, and VB series rubbers are platinum-cure systems. A platinum-cured silicone casting, mask, or sculpture can have a very long lifespan, lasting upwards of 30 years. Unlike tin silicone, platinum silicones do not evaporate or break down easily.

Polyurethane Rubber

How can I prevent the formation of bubbles in my castings?

Casters often struggle with the presence of bubbles in urethane resin castings. Urethane resins are sensitive to moisture, and the appearance of bubbles in cured plastic is often due to a reaction between the liquid plastic and moisture from the environment.

silicone rubber mold

I created a mold using silicone rubber and encountered sticking issues. I understand that silicone rubber is not supposed to stick to anything. What could have caused this?

While silicone mold rubber generally has excellent release properties and won’t stick to most surfaces, it may adhere to materials with open pores (such as open grain wood, very dry plaster, concrete, etc.). It can also bond to glass, surfaces coated with shellac, and itself (which can be advantageous when adding new silicone to a cured mold).

silicone rubber mold

How long can I store my rubber mold in a “mold library”?

Library Life refers to how long a rubber mold will last in your “mold library”, just sitting on a shelf and not being used. Some mold rubbers last longer than others. Below is a chart giving you an idea of the library life you can expect from various mold rubbers


RTV Silicone for Mold Making: A Comprehensive Guide

Table of Contents 1. Introduction If you’re involved in various creative projects such as sculpture, prop-making, or industrial prototyping, you might be familiar with the process of mold making. A crucial component in this process is the type of material used for creating molds. One popular choice among professionals and hobbyists alike is RTV silicone.

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