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2:1 Deep Pour Epoxy Resin (EPOX-21)

Deep pour epoxy resin is a clear casting epoxy resin specially formulated for deep pour casting, encapsulating, and moulding projects with a pouring depth of 4~7 cm in a single pour. Excellent anti-foam and air-release properties. UV resistant formula, anti-yellowing. This deep pour epoxy allows you to pour large deep pours with very low heat build-up (exothermic reaction).

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Table top epoxy resin

2:1 Table Top Epoxy Resin (TOP-21)

2:1 Table Top Epoxy Resin is a pourable, self-leveling two-part crystal clear resin system that protects and preserves table
tops, bar tops, and counters. It cures blush-free to a clear, glassy, 100% waterproof finish with excellent scratch, stain, and yellowing resistance.

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2:1 Fast Set Epoxy Resin (COAT-21)

2:1 Fast-Set Epoxy Resin provides overnight cure in cooler temperatures. Simple 2:1 mix ratio by weight. Clear, blush-free finish is perfect for clear coating applications and eliminates the need for time-consuming washdowns between coats.

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Transparent Epoxy Resin Pigment

20 Colors Transparent Epoxy Resin Pigment

All the colors are the transparent, except the white color(white color is translucent). And you can also mix the white color with other colors to achieve translucency. When you add much pigment, all colors except white still have a darker transparent effect. Feel free to blend resin coloring to achieve the color you desire!

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Alcohol Ink

Alcohol Ink Set Epoxy Resin Dye

Alcohol-based transparent alcohol ink, which is non-toxic & low odor, utilizing a higher concentration formula to ensure great depth and vibrancy, thicker than average alcohol inks; a little drop can go a long long way. By mixing with an alcohol blending solution can help achieve lighter colors and increase transparency.

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