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5 Steps to Make a Perfect Silicone Mold - Platinum-cure silicone

1, Stir both Part A and Part B well before use.

2, Mix ratio A:B= 1:1 by weight. Weigh the desire amount of base into a clean mixing container.

Weight the proper amount of catalyst into the container. Mix the base and catalyst together by stirring with a stick until a uniform color is obtained. Scrape the container walls and bottom well to insure a thorough mix.

3, Place the container into a vacuum chamber and evacuate the entrapped air from the mixture using a vacuum pump. The mixture will rise, then collapse in the container. Interruption(bumping) of the vacuum may be necessary to prevent overflowing the container. Keep the mixture under full vacuum for 2-3 minutes.

4, Pour the deaired material slowly in a steady stream from one end of the mold box so that the material flows evenly over the pattern. This should minimize entrapment of air bubbles under the flowing material. A mold release may be applied on the pattern first to improve release.

5, Allow the rubber to cure for 2-4 hours at 24C before removing the cured rubber mold from the pattern. Heat acceleration not recommended with this product.

For best results, allow the mold to air cure an additional 24 hours before using it in production.

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