Platinum silicone for sex toys (HC-series)

Platinum cure silicone for sex toys (HC-series)

HC-series silicone rubbers are platinum-cured (also known as addition-cure), room temperature-curing silicones that cure to flexible, high-strength silicone rubbers. HC-Series are mainly developed for human care applications with human safety, and FDA approval. HC Series can be customized in curing, viscosities… to meet the specific requirement in different applications.

silicone for sex toys


  • Excellent Tear and Tensile strength, durable using life
  • 100% No shrink on cure, No deformation
  • High heat and chemical resistance, long service life
  • High elasticity
  • Compliance with FDA Certificate, Odorless, Non-toxic, food-grade, skin safe


  • Sex toy/doll, silicone penis etc.
  • Silicone insole
  • Silicone Bra
  • Heel cushions, silicone Toe separators
  • Human care products


  1. Stir Part A and Part B well before use.
  2.  Weigh 1 Part A to 1 Part B using an accurate scale and a clean mixing container.
  3. Vigorously mix and scrape walls of the container, continue mixing until uniform.
  4. Place the mixture in a vacuum chamber & degass. If without a chamber, Pour the mixture 2-3 inches above the pattern in a thin stream.
  5. Allow the silicone to cure 2-4 hours and demold with care.

Important tips

  • Before use, read operation manual please.
  • Before large production, a small-scale test is recommended.
  • Mixing ratio must be accurate, mixing ratio is A:B=1:1 (by weight)
  • Use a vacuum to de-gas this product before use under pressure. Vacuum silicone for 2-3 minutes (29 inches of mercury). Leave enough room in the container for silicone to expand.
  • This product has limited shelf life. Use as soon as possible after opening.
  • Always tightly reseal containers after use. Air, moisture or other contamination causes a reduction in reactivity over time.

Especially Caution for platinum cure silicone

Platinum cure silicone rubber may be inhibited by certain contaminants resulting in tackiness on the surface of the mold. Latex, sulfur-based clays, tin cured silicone rubber, amines, nitriles, organo-metallic salt-containing compounds should be avoided. If you are unsure of the compatibility of the substrate being molded a small test is recommended. To prevent inhibition it is usually helpful to coat the pattern with clear acrylic lacquer or paint. Do not use polyurethane or latex.


Storage & shelf-life

16+ months in unopened containers when properly stored.

Super-Silicon cannot guarantee the shelf life of opened or repackaged units.
Recommended storage temperature range: 10°C – 25°C. SuperSilicon™ should be stored in closed containers out of direct sunlight and away from direct sources of heat. Always tightly reseal containers after use. Air, moisture or other contamination causes a reduction in reactivity over time.

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