How To Use Casting Resin ?


Preparation is key to a perfect casting. Be sure to establish a clean working area and read the technical data sheet, safety data sheet, and the instructions prior to beginning work. Usually, poor results are a direct result of not mixing the 2 parts properly or thoroughly. Also, be sure to have all of your tools handy as the resin should be poured immediately upon mixing.

There are two ways to measure resin; one is by weight using a scale, the other is by volume using measuring cups. Deep pour resins then have a predetermined mix ratio (e.g., 1:1 mix ratio). You will also need mixing cups. Make sure to have a paper mixing cup that is not wax coated or, alternatively, use a plastic mixing cup that doesn’t have any ribs around the sides of the cup. You also don’t want to use any Styrofoam cups for mixing. Your cup will likely not be able to be reused, so be sure to use a mixing cup you won’t mind disposing of. We suggested a graduated mixing container like these for accurate measuring. Be sure that your cup is clean and dry before using.

Note: inaccurate measuring or incomplete mixing are the leading causes of uncured or tacky epoxy.

Once you have the appropriate cups, measure out the ratios (either by volume or weight per the instructions on your bottles), starting with the resin, and pour into your mixing cup. Next measure out the appropriate amount of the hardener and add it to the mixing cup.

You will then need to slowly and continuously stir with the stick provided in your kit until the mixture looks homogeneous and for the time specified on your kit. Scrape the bottom and sides of your mixing cup to ensure thorough mixing. Once the resin and hardener are completely mixed, then you will need to grab your mold and slowly pour in the mixture. Wait until the mixture has hardened in the mold and then remove the object(s) from the mold (cure time is dependent on the specific casting resin you are using).

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