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Deep pour resin is an easy process with minimal steps. The biggest time investment is usually spent deciding which type of resin/mold to use and getting materials organized before beginning the project. In addition, be sure to dress and protect yourself properly against any health hazards associated with the resin before starting and take adequate precautions. The biggest thing that can go wrong is using too much of one part and not enough of the other, which can either lead to a casting that’s super brittle, or a cast that doesn’t fully set. Ensure you are accurate when measuring your ratios and mixing thoroughly will ensure a better end product.

Are you trying to decide which kind of resin to use? Head over to our reviews on the many brands of casting resins available to find out the best fit for your project.

Resin Reviews
Start by deciding what type of resin you want to use, and the mix ratio will be specified on the supply box (e.g., 1:1 ratio). Collect your supplies. You’ll need a mixing cup with volume measurements on the side, popsicle or paint sticks to mix with, your resin of choice, your mold, and whatever colorant you’re using (if applicable). Follow the mixing instructions of your resin. Thoroughly mix the two parts together and then pour your resin into the mold. Your resin instructions will specify how much time is needed to cure, at which point you can remove the newly cured item from the mold. This simple and quick process makes resin casting ideal for DIYers such as hobbyists and crafters.

Resin casting on a professional level is more commonly seen in industries such as dental and prototypes. Professionals can have specialties in custom castings, clear casting, sculptures, designing complex molds, large architectural castings, and more. Professionals can also produce a variety of plastic parts for testing, sales and marketing samples, and small-scale production. The various types of resin casting have increased a demand in professional sectors (e.g., aerospace, marine, and automotive).

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