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How long can I store my rubber mold in a “mold library”?

Library Life refers to how long a rubber mold will last in your “mold library”, just sitting on a shelf and not being used. Some mold rubbers last longer than others. Below is a chart giving you an idea of the library life you can expect from various mold rubbers


RTV Silicone for Mold Making: A Comprehensive Guide

Table of Contents 1. Introduction If you’re involved in various creative projects such as sculpture, prop-making, or industrial prototyping, you might be familiar with the process of mold making. A crucial component in this process is the type of material used for creating molds. One popular choice among professionals and hobbyists alike is RTV silicone.

Why our silicone rubber has a longer shelf-life and more stable quality?

I think you might meet your liquid silicone rubber sometimes become thick, sometimes curing too slow, the hardener sometimes become crystallization, all these complaints make you upset and impact your company’s reputation. Today we fixed it! Let’s discuss how we fix them.1, Why the viscosity of liquid silicone become thick?Some suppliers often change their raw

How to cast a big mold?

1, For casting big mould, Platinum cure type silicone will be better than tin cure type silicone.Because tin cure type silicone has a shrink after cured (~0.3%), so it is more serious if the mould too big. However, platinum cure silicone is no shrink on cured, it’s size can keep very stable. 2, if you

what is platinum silicone

What is platinum silicone?

For many years, most of the silicone rubber manufacturers only focus on promoting their products, rather than explaining how silicone rubber is made and what are its components, but the general processes and raw materials of the silicone rubber should be known by clients. First, let’s start with Vinyl Silicone fluid. Vinyl Silicone Fluid is

How RTV-2 silicone rubber is made? (tin cure silicone rubber)

Today, let’s discuss how tin cure silicone is made.As far as we know, there are some suppliers in the market which offer a very low price, let’s look at the chart and analyze what are the major contents of tin cure silicone. How tin cure silicone is made? There have so many options for raw materials to produce silicone, but different raw materials exist in

Why does silicone get oily?

Nowadays, silicone rubber has been widely applied to a variety of fields for making silicone mold. But why silicone mold appears bleeding oil? This question is often asked when customers ask for help for technical guidance. There are no oils contained in the molding silicone rubber, so, the silicone mold will not bleed oil. Of

Why silicone mould easy to break?

Why is silicone mould easy to break?  Many customers pose questions like this. When asked about the time of breaking, some people say the silicone mould easy to break in demoulding time for some small parts, and most people reflect that the silicone mould has a short service life. All customers wish that silicone mould

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