What’s an epoxy resin river table?


What’s a river table?
You haven’t seen anything until you have seen a River Table. These unbelievably bold and modern tables take the eye-catching live-edge slab tables and add a faux “river” made of a watery hue of epoxy. … These tables can be made with a pair of slabs, one large piece of wood, or with smaller pieces of wood.

The river table places pieces of live edge wood on the outside of the table. Often when you see a live edge table, the natural edge of the wood is faced to the outside of the table, but with a river table, you turn the live edge inward, so that it mimics the contours of a river.

How thick should a river table be?
Pouring epoxy resin river tables require certain types of epoxy and certain techniques. Most coating epoxies require thin pours of no more than 1/8 to 1/4″ per application. Because many DIY epoxy river tables are much thicker than 1/8 inch, multiple layers must be used or a thinner, slower curing epoxy must be used.

Should you seal wood before epoxy?
In most cases, it is an ideal coating for wood projects that will be exposed to moisture or wear. However, there are some cases where it is not advisable to use epoxy as a finish, but you can still get the benefits of epoxy by using it as a sealer before applying your finish coat.

How much epoxy resin do I need for a river table?
The calculation of the amount of Resin Epoxy you ned is not that easy. First measure the depth, length and width of the space you want to fill. Then we recommend you to use en epoxy Resin calculator to help you with the calculation.

What do I need to make a river table?
The Products and Materials used in the project:

SuperCAST31 Pro clear epoxy resin.
Wood – English Yew – with a waney edge.
Translucent Tinting Pigments – we used blue.
Tape – flash/release and double-sided.
Polypropylene Sheet.
Polishing Compound and Oil (or similar)
Tools – various.

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