How we ensure quality consistency in every shipment?

Everyone very cares about the quality consistency, today let’s talk about how we ensure quality consistency in every shipment? Why can we offer a 14 months quality guarantee?

Our Quality Management Process
– Material Vendor Assessed
– Incoming Materials Inspected
– In-process Product 100% Check
– Random Check after Final Packaging

1, Use top brand suppliers’ raw materials, like Germany Wacker, Ameria Dow-corning, China Bluestar. etc.

2, Keep formula won’t change, our formula has been approved by reiterative testing for many years, strength & other properties, and stability verified by different customers.

3, Strictly quality control system, read our QC procedure below. cargo will un-able dispatch out  if it didn’t pass the testing.

4, After goods have finished production, a small sample will be taken from the different batches cargo, then express to you for confirmation, only get your approval, then can we deliver out. This solution was very effective, many customers tried this and were very satisfied.

Testing Video.  

Testing including:
Processing time test
Hardness shore A test
Viscosity test
Strength tests, etc.

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