Deep Pour Epoxy Resin

Our Deepour21# Liquid Glass 2” Thick Pour is the newest version of Super clear and is the EASIEST WOODWORKING EPOXY RESIN on the market! This is the clearest curing, best UV resistant clear thick casting pourable epoxy resin system out there!

With the ability to POUR UP TO 2 INCHES THICK in one sitting, no more are the days of pouring multiple coats, and you can forget about sanding between coats!


✔SINGLE 2” POURS: No more days and days of pouring multiple thin layers and no sanding between coats is needed
✔CRYSTAL CLEAR POURS: Crystal clear thick pour epoxy perfect for clear river tables and clear object castings.
✔FLAWLESS COLORANT MIXING: River tables, wood voids, art object castings, and pen turning blocks will have gorgeous effects with colorants
✔LONG WORK TIME: Slow exothermic reaction allows excess heat to efficiently escape preventing cracks as it cures.
✔HIGHEST EPOXY RESIN UV PROTECTION: Added UV Inhibitors resist yellowing from Ultra Violet light sources
✔Easy to use, 2:1 by volume mix ratio

epoxy resin for river table (17)


Deepour21# Liquid Glass 2” Thick Deep Pour Amazing Epoxy is PERFECTLY FORMULATED for:

✔ Epoxy Resin Wood Table Top Diy!
✔ Epoxy River Coffee Tables!
✔ Epoxy Resin Coffee Tables!
✔ Colored Epoxy For Wood!
✔ Epoxy Resin Wood Art!
✔ Epoxy Resin Dining Table!
✔ Resin Geode Art!
✔ Resin Wood Art!
✔ And More Cool Epoxy Projects!

epoxy resin for river table (17)
epoxy resin for river table 17
epoxy resin for river table (17)
epoxy resin for river table (17)
epoxy resin for river table (17)


  • Easily mix a 2:1 ratio of Base Resin A-Side with the B Side Curing Agent.
  • Pour Each side into a separate cup, then combine it in a third mixing container.
  • Mix the contents for a MINIMUM of 3 minutes, but 5 minutes is the recommended time to mix.
  • Working time is 1 hour at 77 degrees Fahrenheit, giving you plenty of time to perfectly mix your epoxy resin pigment powder to create a colored epoxy for wood.
  • Cure time is longer, which enables a thicker pour with a bubble-free tough, durable, wet gloss, beautifully crystal clear epoxy resin finish!
  • Total cure time: 36-48 hrs.
    To get rid of surface bubbles, use a heat source (heat gun, blow torch).
epoxy resin instructions (4)

Step 1: Measure Epoxy
epoxy is a two-part, epoxy coating that is mixed at a one to one ratio. Pour an equal amount of hardener and resin into a new container.

epoxy resin instructions (1)

Step 2: Mix Epoxy
Mix thoroughly to ensure that the batch is completely blended.

epoxy resin instructions (1)

Step 3: Pour Epoxy
Pour the epoxy onto the surface. The epoxy self-levels so there is no need to move it around with any tools.

epoxy resin for river table (17)

Finished Project
The epoxy is dry to the touch in 12 hours. Allow 72 hours before using the surface. That’s it!

Important tips

  • Before use, read the operation manual, please.
  • Before large production, a small-scale test is recommended.


3 gallon kit = 2 gallon resin + 1 gallon hardener

epoxy resin
epoxy resin for river table (12)
epoxy resin for river table (13)

Storage & shelf-life

9 months in unopened containers when properly stored.

Super-Silicon cannot guarantee the shelf life of opened or repackaged units.
Recommended storage temperature range: 10°C – 25°C. SuperSilicon™ should be stored in closed containers out of direct sunlight and away from direct sources of heat. Always tightly reseal containers after use. Air, moisture or other contamination causes a reduction in reactivity over time.

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