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2:1 Fast-Set Epoxy Resin (COAT-21)

2:1 Fast-Set Epoxy Resin provides overnight cure in cooler temperatures. Simple 2:1 mix ratio by weight. Clear, blush-free finish is perfect for clear coating applications and eliminates the need for time-consuming washdowns between coats.

A 2kg + B 1kg = 3kg/set
A 10kg + B 5kg = 15kg/set
A 20kg + B 10kg = 30kg/set

Key features

⚫ EASY TO USE, Simple 2A:1B mix ratio by weight.
⚫ Quick set time of around 4 hours at 23 degrees, FAST CURE TIME AT ROOM TEMPERATURE.
⚫ Self-leveling.
⚫ High gloss.
⚫ UV-resistant formula produces a tough, high gloss, water-resistant coating.
⚫ Cures without bubbling or blushing.


for filling cracks and holes, use for seal coats.

fast set epoxy resin datasheet


Easily mix a proper ratio of Base Resin part A with the Hardener part B.
Pour each part into a separate cup, then combine it in a third mixing container.

Mix the resin with a stir stick (tongue depressor, spatula, or paint stir stick). Stir steadily, scraping the sides and
bottom. The resin will appear hazy but will clear up after 3 or 4 minutes.

Apply the Seal Coat (not necessary for some surfaces): Pour some resin on the surface and spread it around with a
foam brush or squeegee until a thin layer covers the whole surface. Allow the resin to cure for 4 hours before the
flood coat is added. The seal coat will prevent most bubbles from forming during the flood stage.

Apply the Flood Coat: Pour the mixed resin down the length of the surface. The resin will self-level and tools are not
required. Allow the resin to run down the sides. Any drips that form along the bottom edge can be removed after
the resin has cured. Each flood coat will be approximately 1/8” thick. If additional thickness or layers are needed,
allow the previous layer to set up before adding more (typically 7-8 hours).

Eliminating Air Bubbles: Once the flood coat has settled into place, take a torch or heat gun and wave the tool 6 to
8 inches above the surface. The bubbles will instantly start to pop. Repeat the process until all bubbles are gone.

Keep the room between 20-25 deg Celsius during the curing process. It will take about half a day for the resin to
become tack free, but full cure isn’t complete for another 3 days. If the temperature falls below 23 deg Celsius, the
cure time will lengthen. If too cold, the resin may never fully harden.

Storage & shelf-life

12 months, should be stored in original, unopened containers under 25 Degrees C.
Always tightly reseal containers after use. Air, moisture, or other contamination causes a reduction in reactivity over time, out of direct sunlight and away from direct sources of heat.


Avoid breathing fumes – use in a well-ventilated area at a minimum. NIOSH approved respirator is recommended.
Wear safety glasses, long sleeves and rubber gloves to minimize skin contact.
Materials should be stored and used in a room temperature environment (25 Degrees C). Elevated temperatures will reduce Pot Life. Resin and Hardener must be properly measured and thoroughly mixed to achieve full, high-strength,solid-cure properties. Because no two applications are quite the same, a small test application to determine suitability for your project is recommended if the performance of this material is in question.

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