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How RTV-2 silicone rubber is made? (tin cure silicone rubber)

Today, let’s discuss how tin cure silicone is made.

As far as we know, there are some suppliers in the market which offer a very low price, let’s look at the chart and analyze what are the major contents of tin cure silicone.
How tin cure silicone is 1
How tin cure silicone is made?
There have so many options for raw materials to produce silicone, but different raw materials exist in different performances.
107 rubber
This is the major materials of tin cure silicone, we choose top brand suppliers raw materials, like Wacker, Dow-corning, XIAMETER, Bluestar, etc. they are all from global famous manufacturers, has strict quality control and consistent quality. Some suppliers in order to reduce the price, choose nameless supplier’s raw materials.
SuperSil RTV silicone 214
  • Global top brand suppliers 107 silicone rubber all new materials, like Wacker, Dow-corning, XIAMETER, Bluestar, etc. (This is the best grade)
  • Nameless brand 107 silicone rubber, new material.
  • Recycling materials, the 107 silicone rubber is refined from waste silicone rubber materials. (The most economical grade)

2) Reinforced fillers
There are many fillers that can be used as reinforced fillers.

fumed silica
  • Fumed silica
the best-reinforced filler, but much expensive and viscosity some higher than Precipitated silica.
Precipitated silica
  • Precipitated silica
The best cost-effective reinforced filler, both high strength and reasonable price.
Quartz powder
  • Quartz powder
    Half reinforced filler, less strength than Precipitated silica, but much cheap
  • Titanium dioxide
    Pure filler, no reinforce function, just for reduce the cost

So far, we can easily know why some suppliers can offer such a low price because they are replaced with cheap raw materials.

Our T-Flow series, T-Pro series silicone rubber.

  • 107 rubber from WACKER, Dow-corning or Bluestar, etc. global top brand suppliers (NO RECYCLING MATERIALS)
  • Reinforced fillers use 100% precipitated silica, no Quartz powder, no Titanium dioxide.

What's the difference between T-Pro series VS. T-Flow series VS. others

T-Pro series
T-Flow series
Other suppliers (RTV-6)
Raw materials use
Global top brand supplier Blustar silicone fluid, quality more stable
Global top brand supplier Blustar silicone fluid, quality more stable
China general supplier
30000-40000 cps fumed silica make the viscosity high
23000-25000 cps
28000-35000 cps
Reinforced filler
85% fumed silica+ 15% Precipitated silica (fumed silica is the best reinforced filler)
100% Precipitated silica
Fumed Silica 0%, + Precipitated silica 60%, + Quartz powder 30%, + Titanium dioxide 10%.
Catalyst bottle material
Chemical dedicated bottle,Anti -permeability, Anti-volatile.
Chemical dedicated bottle,Anti -permeability, Anti-volatile.
Common plastic bottle, Volatile serious

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