Tin Cure Silicone Rubber T-Pro series (Super strong grade)

Tin cure silicone T-Pro series

T-Pro series silicone mold rubber is a Super strong strength silicone, properties improved 35% than other suppliers, extra Low-Shrinkage, High chemical resistance, high burn out resistance

Vacuum degassing mixed material using a vacuum pump and chamber to remove entrapped air is recommended.

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  • Super strong strength, improved 35% than competitors
  • Extra Low-Shrinkage
  • High elasticity, for easy removal of, complex replica parts
  • Excellent Age resistance
  • Outstanding release properties
  • Not easy to be oily on the surface of the mold.

T-Pro Tear strength real testing - Super strong strength

Typical Uses & Casting Materials

Designed for molding polyurethanes, polyester resins, plasters, waxes, soaps, paraffin, gypsum, concrete, liquid plastics, as well as for the production of souvenirs, sculptures, figurines and other handicrafts.

Especially suitable for polyurethanes, polyester resins, epoxy resin, concrete, cement and GRC etc,. Rough materials.

Normally, different size of silicone mold should be select according to different product’s features.
For example :

  • For products size ( within 20 cm ) :
    With fine designs, soft silicone is suitable, suggest 10-20 shore A.
  • For products size ( 20cm-80cm ) :
    With fine designs, suggest 20-25 shore A.
    With simple designs, suggest 25-30 shore A.
  • For products size ( 80cm-150cm ) :
    With fine designs, suggest 25 shore A.
    With simple designs, suggest 30-35 shore A.
  • For products size ( more than 150cm ) :
    With fine designs, suggest 25-28 shore A.
    With simple designs, suggest 30-35shore A.


  1. Stir Part A well before use, shake Part B catalyst container well before use.
  2. Weigh 100 Part A to 2~3 Part B using an accurate scale and a clean mixing container.
  3. Vigorously mix and scrape walls of the container, continue mixing until uniform.
  4. Place the mixture in a vacuum chamber & degass. If without a chamber, Pour the mixture 2-3 inches above the pattern in a thin stream.
  5. Allow the silicone to cure 2-4 hours and demold with care.

Important tips

  • Before use, read the operation manual, please.
  • Before large production, a small-scale test is recommended.
  • Mixing ratio must be accurate, recommend mixing ratio is A:B=100:2~3(by weight), If curing too fast, please reduce the ratio of catalyst to 1% or less, then Stir Part A and Part B completely.
  • Use a vacuum to de-gas this product before use under pressure. Vacuum silicone for 2-3 minutes
  • This product has a limited shelf life. Use it as soon as possible after opening.
  • Always tightly reseal containers after use. Air, moisture or other contamination causes a reduction in reactivity over time.


Storage & shelf-life

12 months in unopened containers when properly stored.

Super-Silicon cannot guarantee the shelf life of opened or repackaged units.
Recommended storage temperature range: 10°C – 25°C. SuperSilicon™ should be stored in closed containers out of direct sunlight and away from direct sources of heat. Always tightly reseal containers after use. Air, moisture or other contamination causes a reduction in reactivity over time.

Thickening agentFor Thickening silicone for brushable application
Fumed silicaA fine powder that can be added to polyurethane and silicone liquid rubber to thicken them for brush-on/lay-up applications.
Tin Cure Silicone AcceleratorFor speed up curing time
Heat resistance additiveFor resisting chemical/heat burnout
Pigments For coloring silicone
FabricReinforcement Material for silicone molds
Release agent

What's the difference between T-Pro series VS. T-Flow series VS. others

T-Pro series
T-Flow series
Other suppliers (RTV-6)
Raw materials use
Global top brand supplier Blustar silicone fluid, quality more stable
Global top brand supplier Blustar silicone fluid, quality more stable
China general supplier
30000-40000 cps fumed silica make the viscosity high
23000-25000 cps
28000-35000 cps
Reinforced filler
85% fumed silica+ 15% Precipitated silica (fumed silica is the best reinforced filler)
100% Precipitated silica
Fumed Silica 0%, + Precipitated silica 60%, + Quartz powder 30%, + Titanium dioxide 10%.
Catalyst bottle material
Chemical dedicated bottle,Anti -permeability, Anti-volatile.
Chemical dedicated bottle,Anti -permeability, Anti-volatile.
Common plastic bottle, Volatile serious

Mold Making Materials COMPARISON

Tin cure silicone VS. Platinum cure silicone

Casting materials
Tin-Cured Silicone
High strength, Cost-effective
Shrinks on cure (~0.3%), Cured rubber has limited storage life, Not food-grade
Most materials, especially resins, foams, plaster, wax, concrete etc.
Platinum-Cured Silicone
No shrink on cure, Cured rubber has long storage life, Excellent chemical resistance, Food-grade skin safe, 1:1 simple mix
Cure inhibited by some materials, a slight expensive than tin cure silicone
Most materials, especially resins, foams, plaster, wax, concrete etc. and some low-melt metals and food grade products mould.
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